Thursday, August 28, 2008

If I could make my own religion?

If I could make a religion it would teach love not hate. It would bring people together, not seperate them. It would make them full of joy, not full of fear. I would teach them that the world in general all believes in the same thing, we just call it something different and disagree on the details. I would teach them to think for themselves. To question, and listen to the answers with an open mind. To consider, and to seek. I would teach them that someone disagreeing with them does not need to be converted, they need to be applauded for not feeling pressured to agree. My religion would preach the importance of finding your own path to the truth, and would support each member along the way. We would not kill people for disagreeing with us, there would be no blood on our hands. We would teach that race, sexual preference, gender, age, beliefs, do not make us all that different from each other as we are all loved and should love each other. We would abhor chaos, discord, hate. We would respect our earth, and each other. 

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