Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Mystic Messenger kit!

Ok, loving this new Mystic Messenger kit!
What is the best way to transform your relationships, career, finances, and other important life concerns? For personal, accurate, and motivational guidance on all these matters, look to The Mystic Messenger! It responds quickly to all your queries by selecting the perfect response from nearly 12,000 possible answers. Heres how: take the 48 split-page and Wire-O bound book and stand it up in the tray at the bottom of the box to form a special altar. Simply throw the four 12-sided, color-coded dice while asking a question. Then, match the numbers on the dice to the split-page of the same color. There, written on each card, is the resolution to your quandary, and the formula for changing what you have into what you want. On each page, theres text that distills the worlds great philosophies into valuable messages of guidance. At the same time, the process is like a game thats entertaining as well as enlightening. Its the perfect gift for anyone interested in finding new (and fun) paths to self-discovery, as well as for fans of Monte and Amys successful Karma Cards and The Tarot Discovery Kit. 


I want one of my oooooowwwwwwnnnnn!


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