Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where do you stand after yesterday's election?

I don't think it is a secret that the Bush administration did not elicit much support, faith or trust in recent years. Our lack of faith seperated us as a people. And where has that gotten us? Into an out of control war with no end in sight? Into a ruined economy that screams of depression? Lack of faith & security breeds destruction of hope.


I know many people are disappointed with the outcome of the election. They don't like Obama for whatever reason and they are scared or angry. I can only pray that these feelings come from one's perception of issues, and not their blinded eyes.


In this beautiful country of our's YOU have a choice. You can choose to trust that your fellow americans saw something you did not. You can take the leap of faith that tomorrow is another day and cross your fingers that THIS is the answer. You can offer your heart, your support, your patriotism, to your country.


Or you can choose to continue the problems we have now, and then some, by NOT standing behind your nation. You can bemoan the fact that the majority of Americans do not agree with your pessimism.


Do you choose the hope for a better day? Or is your glass half empty?

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