Monday, August 3, 2009

The Reality of Magick - when magick fails

Some circumstances in my life recently, and my attempts to change them, has reminded me of an important fact. It is a fact that many people interested in magick, especially those that are new to the ideas, are resistent to. I deal with it all the time as people question me as to why their spell failed, an amulet didn't work, etc. There is almost a universal denial to these facts from time to time. Magick, and probably even the universe, sometimes says no.

I picked the perfect day and time, found the perfect spell, had a wonderful ritual drumming CD playing in the background, centered, focused, took my time... and nothing. I'll admit, even a seasoned witch gets depressed when her spell utterly flops.

So I have contemplated it for days. What did I do wrong? Did I miscaculate something? Then a thought started to emerge.

Maybe I was asking for too much, too fast? A quick fix-it to solve most of my problems may not be the answer. So I talked to my husband this afternoon and shared my thoughts with him. Maybe our future path is not being revealed to us because we are not doing enough for ourselves in the present? Do you think, I asked him, that if we got done the things we know need to be done now, that the long terms issues will work themselves out? Or that we will at least get a sign showing us the next step? Maybe we have not prepared ourselves for the next step, and we won't be allowed to see it until we do? Maybe my spell failed because it had to?

All of this was going through my ming this afternoon. Then tonight, I decided to whip out my personal astrological planner this evening. What does it say for this month? "One Step at a Time." It tells me that minor adjustments done well are much more valuable this month than dramatic moves, scale back ideas that are running away with themselves, combine small but possible steps. At the bottom of the 2nd page of this month's advisory it says "Keep in mind this month; Mastering even minor details in yur daily life builds a web of competence and confidence to support yoiur long-term goals."

And what did hubby have to say about this when he got home? "This is why you are supposed to read these things first." And right he is.

The lesson here? If your spell/prayer/ritual flops, does it mean you did something wrong? Does it mean the universe hates you, that you are no good at casting, or that your dreams are impossible? I guess it is possible, but probably not. Maybe it is just the Universe's way of saying, "Stop and think about this. Maybe there is another way, another idea, or another time that would be better." It is your Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! We get signs all the time, and even the most intune of us forget to listen sometimes.

So the next time you think your spell/amulet/deity/sanity has failed you, don't beat yourself up. Reevaluate. Don't just think how to cast differently, pray harder, etc. Think about timing, details, alternate ways of doing or thinking it through. There are probably answers right in front of you that you forgot to hear.


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Angel said...

I think that this is a great blog post! I have done spells and was always wondering the same things myself ie "did I do it wrong", etc.,. I have had successful spells work out for me at other times so I always wondered why a certain spell wouldn't work! Great post! I'm adding a link to it from my own blog 'cause I think a lot of others would be interested in this kind of information.