Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I want to give you new age freebies :)

Bright Blessings,

I plan on giving one lucky person (or maybe a few, depending on how things go) a freebie from my inventory of new age goodies! The details on how to become this lucky person(s) is below, but first I want to share with you why I am doing this.

(Ok, this post is kinda long, but bare with me. I want to share some information with you, and give you some great opportunities at the same time!)

About me, and why I am doing this...

I started my website and webstore in 2002. We are a small family run store, a mom & pop store I guess lol. It's just hubby, our 10 yr old daughter, and me. The site is my dream, my passion, and a big part of my life. I seriously love what I do, what I sell, and the people I have the tremendous pleasure of interacting with and learning from. As you know, our nation, and many others, are experiencing a tremendous finanical crisis. Well, in times like this, the first thing to go are the "luxuries." Which means that niche markets, such as mine, suffer the quickest and possibly the most. Personally I am seriously upside down on my mortgage, hubby is disabled (and not receiving disability, though hopefully will,) and sales are way down. I'm not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me, or have a pity party, and I understand a lot of people are in a similar bind. I just want to share with my audience, small though it may be, as they are the reason I do what I do.

They are also the reason I want to continue to do what I do. Recently my husband and I have been discussing the very real possibility I may have to get another job. If I do that, I will do everything possible to run the site as is, however, it is unlikely that I would be able to develop the website in the ways I have always dreamed. It has been my goal to eventually be able to fill my site with valuable content that will serve as an important reference for witches, new agers, those that meditate, people seeking info on alternative religions, those interested in the paranormal, as well as many other people and subjects. I want to be able to offer this info for free and deliver it with videos, podcasts, articles, reference tables, group events. discussion boards and more. To do these things, I need to be able to devote myself to this labor of love full time. And to have the time to do so, I need my metaphysical/new age/witchcraft supply store to be able to support my family.

What does any of this have to do with you, or getting a free gift? Help me. Help me promote my site & store. Help me build the content that could open a new world to the many seeking souls out there. Help me not only live my dream, but enrich a global community. If I can boost sales to a point that sustains my family, it would thrill me to be able to run more giveaways like this, create & coordinate wonderful content to share with the world, and even create a user panel to test and review products! <--- ok, that last one was a big one! How fun would it be to have a witchy testing panel?!? I hope this wasn't too heavy for some of you out there. But most of all, I hope you can feel how sincere I am in my desire to build a better community for us all. Now on to the good stuff :)

Ok, here's the deal! I am looking to giveaway a mystery gift from my incredible inventory! At least one gift will be given away. However, I reserve the right to giveaway more freebies if I get a tremendous amount of support, entries, and (hopefully!) a boost in sales to help me fund some extra freebies! I'm sure no one will be mad if I have to pick several gift recipients right? Hehe :)

Gift recipient(s) will be selected on August 31st, so please get your entries to me by August 30th.

A witch's dozen of ways to win a gift! You will get entries for any and all of the following:

  1. Be a fan of my Facebook page! Witches Cupboard FB page (1 entry)
  2. Follow me on Twitter! Witches Cupboard Twitter profile (1 entry)
  3. Tweet the giveaway! Be sure to send the tweet @witchescupboard (1 entry per)
  4. Tweet your recommendation of the website, or a favorite product. (1 entry per)
  5. Blog the giveaway or website. (1 entry)
  6. Blog a review! Review a product (that we sell) that you either have, or would like to have. Include a link to the product from our store. (2 entries) Please make it detailed. Reviews that just say "nice" won't count :)
  7. Post a link! (1 entry per place you link to the site, a product and/or giveaway from) this could be your website, yahoo group, facebook, myspace, link list on your blog, etc.
  8. Social Network! Add us (website, product, or giveaway) to your social bookmarks on Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, etc. Don't forget to email us a link to where you posted it! (1 entry per)
  9. Make a purchase from our webstore! (5 entries per item) There is no limit to the entries you can earn this way! Be sure to include your invoice number when sending your entries. Payment must be received by August 30, 2009 12:00pm (noon) PT to be eligible.
  10. Make a purchase from our ebay store! (5 entries per order) Payment must be received by August 30, 2009 12:00pm (noon) PT to be eligible. Please note that orders from ebay are awarded per order, not per item like on our webstore, because of the increased cost of selling on ebay.
  11. Be a member of our Witch Forum! (1 entry)
  12. Be a contributing author! I want to start posting articles to the site ASAP. I think this is one of the best ways to contribute to the understanding and growth of our community as a whole. If you would be willing to donate your expertise, knowledge, or opinion in article form, and allow me to permanently post it on my websites, it would be most appreciated. Be sure to include your name as you want it to appear, or write "anonymous" if you do not want your name on it. Please note, this must be your own work, please do not copy someone else's work. (15 entries per accepted article, no limit)
  13. Submit a spell! Be sure to include your name as you want it to appear, or write "anonymous" if you do not want your name on it. Please note, this must be your own work, please do not copy someone else's work. (5 entries per accepted spell, no limit)

How to enter!

When you are done put "Giveaway entries" in the subject line and email a list of your entries to thewitchescupboard@yahoo.com. Do more after sending? No problem! Send another email, but only include anything not included in your previous email(s.)

Be sure to let me know all of the things you have done so that I can make sure you get all the credit you deserve! If you posted links, send me the URLs where they reside, if you followed me, let me know your name so I can see that, if you blogged it send me a link, if you tweeted it send @witchescupboard so I know, you get the general idea right? Some actions you can get credit for more than once (like sending multiple tweets) but please be sure to space them as I don't want anyone to think either you or I are trying to spam or annoy them. Thanks!

How, when, rules?

I will be using an online random number generator to pick the winner(s) sometime on August 31st, so please get your entries submitted by August 30th to be eligible.

  • Please include your first name, last initial and location (state or province) with your entry. The winner will be identified in the winner announcement(s) by this info. All other personal information will be kept private.

  • If the winner is in the US we will even pay for the postage! Sorry, but if you are out of the US there may be a shipping fee in order to claim your prize. I hate to do that, but it was either charge the shipping on international winners or exclude them, and I didn't want to exclude them. I hope you understand?

  • The prize is a mystery at present (even to me!) but will be a retail value of at least $10. I am hoping to get a tremendous response from this giveaway so that I could have the option to give away more and/or possibly bigger prizes. So get the word out!

  • If you win, you will need to provide a valid shipping address by September 7th, 2009 to claim your prize.

  • Prizes not claimed will be cosidered abandoned.

  • No purchase neccessary to win.

  • Void where prohibited by law.

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