Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How I get any book, CD or DVD I want for just the cost of postage!

These are my three favorite sites for getting free and cheap books, CDs and DVDs. There aren't any membership costs, they are 100% free to be a part of!

You can use these sites one of 2 ways.

1. List the books, CDs or DVDs (depending on which site u r on) you own that you don't want. Someone requests them and you ship to their address. You pay the shipping costs for the cheapest shipping method (generally $1.30 - $2.80ish.) Once they receive (or immediately when you ship depending on what method you use) you get a credit on your account. You can use that credit to request an item YOU want from anyone you want on the site, it doesn't have to be the person you sent an item to. They ship your item to you, and they pay for the shipping. There is no limit to the number of items you can trade! So when you make a trade you pay the shipping to ship out the trade, and you don't pay anything to receive.

2. Don't want to part with any of your items? Then you don't have to trade, just buy a credit. A book credit costs $3.45, DVD credit costs $4.95, and a CD credit costs $3.45. Buy your credit, order your item, and you pay nothing additional to receive since the sender pays the postage!

These are huge sites with thousands of members online at a time and millions of items listed, so you can get virtually any item you want for just the cost of postage or a credit. If what you want is not available, you can get in line for it through the free wishlist feature.

1. On each site you get 1 free credit just for listing 10 items to trade.
2. You get a free credit for referrring a friend!

I don't own these sites, and am not affiliated with them. But I will get a free credit if you sign up through my links below, just like you will get free credits for referring people, so please sign up through my links. Thanks!!



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